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A Man in the Queue

Writings on society, cinema, travel, advertising, TV & theatre, 1966-1971

Hailed by reviewers and readers for its revelance and readability

Published 1971, Readers Associates,Karachi

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Reflections in a Pakistani eye 1972-1981,

Published 1982, Wajid Ali’s, Lahore

“...Jabbar is a writer’s writer...”
Aban Marker, The Star

“...Javed Jabbar’s is the voice of a liberal, the voice of a rationalist and a realist who wants change and progress in our midst...”
Sultan Ahmed, eminent columnist, former Editor, Morning News.

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Soap and Soul

Marketing and advertising in Asia and Pakistan (1982-1994)
Published 1995, Royal Book Co., Karachi

Favourably reviewed by leading newspapers and magazines.

Commended by prominent specialists:
“...the author is the conscience of the advertising industry in Pakistan and the guardian of its ethical and moral moorings... the book will be appreciated by lovers of good  is as relevant today as when the individual chapters were written... of immediate interest to all marketing and advertising practitioners...of value to historians and to social scientists...perceptive commentary...particularly commended to the younger generation...”
M.F. Rahman, former Marketing Director, Lever Bros. (Pakistan) and eminent commentator on marketing and advertising issues.

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Criss-Cross Times

"... highly readable ... many interesting insights ... deals with fundamental political and moral issues of our time..."
- Sartaj Aziz, former Foreign Minister & Finance Minister of Pakistan

"...profound and incisive ... nuanced and intelligent ... solid wisdom in his perceptions ..."
Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, Professor, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad


Beyond The Last Mountain

A collector’s item!

“This book in 2001 is as novel as the film was in 1976”

Here is the engrossing, readable story of a unique film–and how it was made!
This is the first book of its kind in Pakistan: it contains an orignal screenplay, the actual script as filmed, with stills, and an Introduction exclusively written for the book, along with comments by actors, artists and critics.

About the script:

“As an actor I was very lucky that I started my career with a film that was written in a very different way from the conventional way and is still different from our conventional Pakistani film...”
Usman Peerzada

“...The story of the film is a struggle for truth,a struggle for justice... took up many issues that were relevant and the film shows itself to be quiet prophetic about things....”
Marriana Haq Karim

“...Beyond the Last Mountain/Musafir...was the biggest challenge of my film music career...because of its unusual script...unusual musical situations...”
Sohail Rana

About the film:

“...breaks new ground in the Pakistani cinema...”
David Robinson, The Times, London

Excerpts from other reviews of the film on inside pages


Storms and Rainbows

“.... pertinent and well-researched....
a very good source of information and opinion on diverse topics and themes.
very absorbing....
contains deep thought and carefully analysed opinion."

THE NATION, June 2001

“.... concise ....pertinent ...
far reaching dimensions ...
.... has detailed depth on many diverse subjects...”

Farooq Leghari - former President of Pakistan

“.... A very humanistic approach....
a wonderful book ..
refelcts a commitment to peace in the most comprehensive sense...”

Ferry de Kerckhove - High Commissioner of Canada in Pakistan

“.... a literary flavour ....
....has an immediacy and contextual freshness ...
offers a wide sweep of contemporary history from the experience of a player...”

DAWN, 20 June 2001

“....fresh ... forceful...
.... gives a lot of food for thought ...and hope ...
raises resounding questions about the need for new politics ... reflects a wealth of experience..”

Umar Asghar Khan - Minister for Local Government, Rural Development and Environment

“... a book strongly
recommended for its discussion of important themes ...”

Major General Ghulam Umar
Columnist on security issues

“... an exceptional and remarkable book...
will become a work of reference in the years to come...”

Ikram Sehgal
Chief Editor, Defence Journal

“... reflective of progressive thinking...
incisive and courageous...”

Tahira Abdullah - development activist

“.... highly readable and engrossing..”
Quatrina Hosain - Editor, SAMW-Online

“ exceptionally candid and comprehensive record of an unusal event...”


Bridges or Barriers?

Indigenous languages print media in South Asia Transcripted record of the Karachi Conference April 2002 South Asian Editors’ Forum
Edited by Javed Jabbar
One region: hundreds of languages: thousands of dialects!

Urdu, Sindhi, Pushto, Balochi, Seraiki, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya, Malayalam, Gujrati, Maratha, Kannada, Sinhalese, Bangla, Nepali, Dihevi – and many others!

The range is rich: but does each language entrap even as it articulates?
Indigenous language newspapers and magazines in the countries of South Asia represent over 90 per cent of circulation and readership.

Do these media facilitate – or obstruct – communication between communities and nations?

This unique book about the South Asian Editors’ Forum (SAEF) Karachi Conference contains related questions and responses.

This Book Covers Exchanges On:

The SAARC media process
Internal conflict resolution
Cross-cultural communication
Trade and economic co-operation
National, regional and international perspectives
Plans for SAEF action
Published 2005 by the Institute for Media, Policy & Civil Society, (IMPACS) Vancouver, Canada.


From Chaos to Catharsis

Perspectives on democracy and development, 1985-1995
Published 1996, Royal Book Co., Karachi

“...contemporary political history unfolding before your analytical mind...a patriot committed to democracy...fascinating to read...”
Wasim Sajjad, Chairman, Senate of Pakistan, 1988-99

“Lively, contemporary and courageous, these essays should be read for their freshness and insight”
Dr. Eqbal Ahmed, eminent scholar and commentator

“...The book will serve as a valuable source not only of knowledge but also an inspiration for those who are eager to correctly understand and analyse the political,economic and social conditions of Pakistan...and South Asia..."
Malik Meraj Khalid,
Care taker Prime Minister of Pakistan, 1996-97

“The book contians noticeably dominant themes: a commitment to the cause of democracy,an abiding concern for civic rights, for political consistency, an obsession with the need for greater and higher essay on a particular book by an Indian parliamentarian is a brilliant expose of covert prejudices masquerading as diplomatic camaraderie...”
F.S. Aijazuddin, respected scholar and author, July 1996

“...the author is one the best contemporary Pakistani writers of serious non-fiction...”
Abu Ahmad Akif, South Asia magazine, Karachi, August 1996


Mass Media Laws and Regulations in Pakistan

Chief Compiler: Javed Jabbar
Co-Compiler: Qazi Faez Isa
And a 100 - page commentary from a historical perspective by
Javed Jabbar
Published 1998 by Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, Singapore & UNESCO.

“...monumental in its illuminating overview...the book is a gift to Pakistan as a useful reference work on its Golden Jubliee...”
Professor Shariful Mujahid, Dawn, Karachi 10th May 1998

“The book puts together a wealth of material...the commentary provides a vivid description in a historical perspective and is a panoramic portrayal of the thematic trends,the political conditions and the individual personalities that have contributed to the shaping of laws and policies...a very useful and valuable publication...”
Syed Sajjad Ali Shah, Chief Justice of Pakistan, 1994-97

" able and comprehensive work that deals with all aspects of the subject...of great use and value..."
Dr. Nasim Hasan Shah, Cheif Justice of Pakistan, 1993-94

"...a landmark work...the kind of book I wanted to write but could not..."
Zamir Niazi, eminent veteran and journalist and author

" outstanding book..."

"A monumental work on  media laws... a seminal book in the context of media and laws in Pakistan..."
S.A. Iqbal, The Star, Karachi

"Besides being of great value to media scholars, journalists, lawyers, legal scholars and judges, the book is highly recommended for any one who fears about the growing  power of the media...the commentary by JavedJabbar is written with objectivity...”
Shahzeb Jillani, The News, 1998


The Global City

Perspectives (1983-98) on how media and communication have shaped our new living space

Published 1999, Royal Book Co., Karachi

 “...provides an in-depth analysis of the complex phenomenon of mass media in the post–modern age...written wtih great clarity and felicity...of immense interest to the general reader and of value for students of mass communications...”
Dawn, Karachi, 1st August 1999

“ The Global City” “is written with incisive insight and a refreshing respect for reason and commitment to public weal...”
I. A. Rahman, former Editor-in-chief, The Pakistan Times & Director, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

“...Javed Jabbar is a household name in the fields of media, information and communication...”
Dr.Nasim Hasan Shah, Chief Justice of Pakistan, 1993-94


6 years, 46 Questions

A compilation of columns (Urdu) published in Jang,Pakistan’s largest circulated newspaper, 1985-1991, on political and development issues.

Jang Publishers, 1992, Lahore.

Highly praised in newspaper reviews and by leading intellectuals and personalities.