Pakistan: "... on December 16, 1971, the Two-Nation, Two-State theory simply, though tragically and violently, became the Two-Nation, Three-State theory."

Pakistan-India: "… It is for India's intelligentsia, media, academia, civil and political society to substantially increase their knowledge (of actual realities of Pakistan) and insights into Pakistan's perceptions and concerns so that the two countries can co-exist peacefully and constructively as two inequal equals."

Media: "… For at least three reasons there is a need to consider alternative forms for the ownership of private news media instead of the single-owner or a small group-owner form."

Book Reviews: "… In unfortunate contrast to the author's vast study of South Asia, there are several contentious, incorrect judgements made about Pakistan and Kashmir. Miscellany: "… Syed Fasieh Iqbal was a man with a golden heart who will … enrich his next abode up there, somewhere."